Idiot Ramblings

Zero tolerance policies…

do not exist out of a serious commitment to safety, or eliminating sexual harrassment, or preventing weapon violence, or whatever. They exist to prevent lawsuits. That’s it. By removing an administrator’s ability to apply discretion, corporations and governments remove the possibility of human error. Thus, they ensure that any miscarriages of justice that they commit are the result of institutional idiocy rather than common error. Way to go assholes.

Why does the fashion industry…

persist in imposing unrealistic expectations of beauty on women? Simple. The fashion industry is dominated by gay men. This is about as useful as taking your car to an amish mechanic. Women around the world are paying obscene amounts of money to be told what will make them attractive according to men who are not attracted to women. If you need time to parse that last sentence, tough. We’re moving on.

The world will not end…

in 2012. I really shouldn’t even have to explain this. And I won’t.

We really shouldn’t be surprised…

when professional football players turn out to be violent criminals. Since childhood, these men have been rewarded for being violent and aggressive. The consequences of these tendencies are ridiculous amounts of money, worldwide fame, and the adulation of millions. We’re giving positive reinforcement for violent behavior. I’m personally amazed that some of them don’t become rapists.


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